Welcome monsoon 2017

Monsoon is my favorite season i love rain and i really know most of people like monsoon.
Rain is so beautiful , and feel awesome.


specially india monsoon special places in tourism. mumbai ki wo paheli baris this sentence very famous. mumbai monsoon are so beautiful specially mairn-drive    Almost synonymous with Mumbai itself, Marine Drive is the place to visit during

monsoon. Remember the scene towards the end of the movie, Wake up Sid? When Aisha’s

standing at Marine Drive, drenched in the rain and gazing at the horizon? Now you

may or may not have a Sid chasing you there but a walk along the Queen’s Necklace

(as it’s fondly called) and a cup of Mumbai’s hot steaming cutting chai, is a

romance you won’t want to miss.This stretch across the sea is an ideal walk in the rains, with the Arabian Sea in much verve on one side and glittering cafes on the other. While the promenade is a strip, full of views you don’t want to miss, you might also run into a Bollywood star here, since this is the address of many such sparkling residences.If you like the comfort of warm food in the rains as you take a stroll by the beach, then this is the place to visit in Mumbai during monsoon for you. The chaat corner at the entrance of the beach has almost every kind of street food you could ask for. Spiced ‘bhutta’ or corn on the cob is a must have here during monsoons!


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