Upcoming metro rail projects in india

Traveling is a very important to the human's life.actually my hobby is a traveling.rail-way is big role in traveling 75 percent people are used of rail-way and government 24 x 7 help for any query. it's solved any issue for people. metro-plan are very big project of india. Gujarat started metro-plan in2015 and complete 2020. all ready metro useful in Mumbai,Delhi and other city.India is will be developed in digital India and it's working condition on this project.digitization needed in small city and villages because it's need to be new visualization very well know.
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Below some advantages of metro-project.
⧫ Here in the India we have rail services running on the national network in metropolitain areas like   Delhi , Mumbai ,Hyderabad.

⧫  In Mumbai we also have the Underground which is a separate network and which is considered to be the equivalent of systems like the Paris Metro and Delhi Metro.

⧫Finally we have several light rail systems which vary in their precise network type. 

⧫The major advantage of all these systems is their ability to move large numbers of people quickly.

⧫Low energy consumption – 20% per passenger km in comparison to road-based systems.

⧫ Obviously, the actual number of passengers moved will vary according to the frequency of the service and the number of coaches in each train.

⧫It has been extended several times and now serves over double the number of stations.


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