Hello Friends, I know we meet you such a long time but you know
 that ganpati festival than it's time to fully enjoyed.

spend time to family but we know that vacation are coming
 and ganpati bapa bye time but jam-mu kasmir people
 not enjoyed this festival because security provided this
 festival army man are also take care his security we all
wish to the no create issues and drop this topic but more
than 50 year not a solved this issues we all know all people
 are same but mentality are different than create about this
issue but god pray complete this problem than student and
 all people are happy and celebrate all festival enjoyed and
 happy for its family.kashmir this word is so beautiful you
 know gujarati says,"Bharat nu swarg che kashmir!!",but
this time to not a safe people for this swarg sometime
 create issues than fear of children and little babies.


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